Name the HLN anchor/hot.

Test your knowledge on HLN hosts and anchors

1 the male host for Showbiz Tonight
2 This female host Showbiz Tonight
3 Avoid Getting Ripped Off with _____ ______
4 the newest HLN anchor/host
5 She covered the July 2009 story of Michael Jackson's death:before HLN she worked with NBC Chicago
6 ________ _____ serves as a weekday anchor for HLN as well as a news correspondent for Prime News each weeknight. She joined CNN in 2006
7 One of television's most respected legal analysts, ______ _____ came to HLN from Court TV, where she hosted the live daily trial coverage program, Closing Arguments, until 2007.
8 _____ _______ is a weekday news anchor on HLN. He is one of the longest-serving anchors among the CNN networks and has anchored weekday Headline News broadcasts since the network's debut on New Year's Day, 1982.
9 _______ ___ is a news anchor for HLN, serving as an anchor for the network's late morning programming and as a news correspondent for "Morning Express with Robin Meade."
10 _____ ______ is the sports anchor for HLN's flagship morning program, Morning Express with Robin Meade.