Do you think you know the real Miley Cyrus?

Answer Questions about Miley Cyrus and see if you really do know the real Miley Cyrus!

1 1. What is her (REAL) FULL NAME?
2 2. What age was she when she started acting?
3 3. What grade was she in when she went into acting?
4 4. What grade did she say she was "Going threw Hell" in?
5 5. Why did her friends use to be mean and cuss at her in school?
6 6. What is her littlest sister's name?
7 7. What is her dad's name?
8 8. Is she selfish in her real life?
9 9. Does she love Animals?
10 10. Does she hate fans and signing autographs? True or False
11 11. Does she write the Hannah Montana songs?
12 12. Does she write her own songs? (Miley Cyrus songs) For Example: her CD "Breakout"
13 13. Did you like this Quiz?