The Green Day lyrics quiz!

You think you know Green Day songs? Well test you're skills and take my quiz!

1 "I'm on a sentimental journey into sight and sound of no return no looking back or down. A consciences objector to the war that's in my mind. Leaving in the lurch and I'm taking back what's mine."
2 "I sit alone in my bedroom staring at the walls. I've been up all damn night long, my pulse is racing, my love is yearning."
3 "Every night I dream the same dream of getting older all the time. I ask you now, what does this mean?"
4 "Started at the age of four, my mother went to the groucery store. I made my way thru her bedroom door, tried on her clothes in size four. Sugar and spice, and everything nice wasn't met for only girls. G.I Joe in panty hose."
5 "I sit around and watch the tube but nothing's on. I change the channels for an hour or two. Twidle my thumbs for just a bit, I'm getting sick of the same old shit. In a house with unlocked doors and I'm fucking lazy."
6 "Nice guys finish last, you're running out og gas, you're sympathy will get you left behind. Sometimes you're at you're best, when you feel you're worst. You feel like pissed going down the drain."
7 "I got under the girp between this morden hell. I got the rejection letter in the mail and it was already ripped to shreds. Seasons in a ruin and this bitter pill is chased with blood. There's fire in my veins and it's pooring out like a flood."