Do you know M*A*S*H?

How well do you know M*A*S*H?

1 At the end of Season 3 - Which 2 character BOTH left the show?
2 Radar comes from what state and what is the name of his Uncle?
3 Which 3 characters starred in the show 'After M*A*S*H'?
4 Who was in every single episode of M*A*S*H?
5 In AfterM*A*S*H, which character guest starred in an episode?
6 What did Radar trade of Henry's to get an incubator?
7 What is Hawkeye's favorite food?
8 What military equipment does Radar try to mail home, piece by piece?
9 What is the name of Radar's male and female rabbits?
10 What was wrong with the shirt Hawkeye bought B.J.?
11 What was the name of Colonel Potter's favorite film?