Do you know M*A*S*H?
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Do you know M*A*S*H?

How well do you know M*A*S*H?

1. At the end of Season 3 - Which 2 character BOTH left the show?
2. Radar comes from what state and what is the name of his Uncle?
3. Which 3 characters starred in the show 'After M*A*S*H'?
4. Who was in every single episode of M*A*S*H?
5. In AfterM*A*S*H, which character guest starred in an episode?
6. What did Radar trade of Henry's to get an incubator?
7. What is Hawkeye's favorite food?
8. What military equipment does Radar try to mail home, piece by piece?
9. What is the name of Radar's male and female rabbits?
10. What was wrong with the shirt Hawkeye bought B.J.?
11. What was the name of Colonel Potter's favorite film?