Would YOU Find The Philosophers Stone?
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Would YOU Find The Philosophers Stone?

In Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward and Alphonse Elric work hard everyday to find the Philosophers Stone--the one that could give them their bodies back and give them their dead mother. Would YOU find this magic stone?

1. You hear there's been sightings of red lights in Risembool. You...
2. Your brother finds a cat in the streets. Let him keep it?
3. A girl named Scheizca offers you a book on the Philosopher's Stone. Do you take it?
4. Would you join the military if it meant finding this stone?
5. To your horror, you discover the stone is made by killing people. Prisoners are presented before you. Kill them and you get a stone. Do it?
6. You find out your brother's body possesses the power of the Philosopher's Stone. Try to tap into it?
7. Would even WANT a Philosopher's Stone?