Would YOU Find The Philosophers Stone?

In Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward and Alphonse Elric work hard everyday to find the Philosophers Stone--the one that could give them their bodies back and give them their dead mother. Would YOU find this magic stone?

1 You hear there's been sightings of red lights in Risembool. You...
2 Your brother finds a cat in the streets. Let him keep it?
3 A girl named Scheizca offers you a book on the Philosopher's Stone. Do you take it?
4 Would you join the military if it meant finding this stone?
5 To your horror, you discover the stone is made by killing people. Prisoners are presented before you. Kill them and you get a stone. Do it?
6 You find out your brother's body possesses the power of the Philosopher's Stone. Try to tap into it?
7 Would even WANT a Philosopher's Stone?