"Is Your Man Cheating?"

Take this quiz to see if your man is cheating.

1 When your man goes out does he take you with him?
2 Does your man have a lot of girls that are friends?
3 Do his friends know about you?
4 Does he break dates with you to go out to clubs?
5 How often does he tell you he cares about you?
6 When you go out does he hold your hand and introduce you as his girl?
7 Has he cheated on you in the past?
8 When he gets a text does he let you see it if you ask?
9 When he gets a phone call does he tell you who it is or does he talk around you?
10 Does he tell you who he's with when he goes out.
11 Does he answer his phone when you call when he's out with his friends?
12 What kind of friends does your man hang out with?