How Well Do You Know Shannon Guernsey?

This is a quiz to see how well you know the GUERNSINATOR!

1 What group of girls do I associate with at home?
2 What is my cats name?
3 How did i lose my 2 front teeth?
4 What is my favorite beer?
5 Who is my weird celebrity crush?
6 Which class in highschool did I NOT sleep in?
7 How do I like my oreos?
8 What colors eyes do I have...think about this one?
9 Which one of Shannon Rungo's dogs did/do I like the best?
10 Which of the following do I NOT call Cheyanne Miller?
11 What did I do for Erica Denny's birthday?
12 What is my favorite song to karaoke with Morgan Lorenzi?
13 What is my favorite thing to get at Mcdonalds?
14 Whats my favorite pop?
15 What is my ideal morning after an exciting night out in the summer?
16 What is my secret talent?
17 Which of the following would be an "angry" text message from me?
18 What do I get at the Waffle House?