How Much Of A Kelly CLarkson Fan Are You?

are you the biggest kelly clarkson fan?

1 What season Did Kelly WIn Of American Idol?
2 How Many Cds Does Kelly Have?
3 What Is Kelly's Best Selling Cd?
4 What Song did kelly and her back-up singers write for "New Moon"?
5 How Many songs did kelly write for the cd " My December"?
6 Who is kelly's manager?
7 What Kelly Song raise up questions that Kelly Copied Beyonce?
8 What song is this from? "So what's your evil attitude / When you got me spendin' my time pleasing you?"
9 Which song is this from? "Never saw 'I Love You' as a trend / 'Cause I don't really work like that"
10 "Don't think we saw it coming / It's all adding up to something / That asks for some involvement." Which song is this from?