Does TOM WIN with you?
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Does TOM WIN with you?

find out once and for all if TOM WINS with you....... dont be scared, sometimes its better to know before its too late

1. Is Jean claude Van Damme a good actor??
2. If you see someone doing something strange in public do you?
3. Have you ever felt like everyone was laughing at you??
4. Do you know what CANAFOSENIN means?
5. If your mate got tripped over in front of people at the casino and he/she did a commando roll down the walkway, would you?
6. How many licks does it take til you get to the center of it??
7. if you had one super power, what would it be?
8. Do any of your family members WIN with TOM?
9. What sort of music do you like?
10. Do you wear sun glasses at night?
11. Which song is better?