How well do you know Typhani Brymer?! Really?!

How well do you know typhani brymer? seriously?!

1 What Is Typhani's Middle Name?
2 How Many Pets does she have?
3 Where was she Born?
4 What Color are her eyes?
5 What Does She want to be 'When she grows up?"
6 What is the name of her first love?
7 How Many Children does she wnt to have?
8 What is her favorite thing to do?
9 Where does she want to move after college?
10 What Kind of movies does she enjoy watching the most?
11 What Time does she typically LIKE waking up?
12 Why does she love where she works [[Pleasant Acres]]?
13 What is her mother's Name?
14 Why does she love love love her pups?
15 What was her Childhood nickname?
16 Whats Her [[blood relation]] Favorite aunts name?
17 Why did Typhani Want to make this quiz about herself?
18 Typhani's talking about herself.. what would she say?!
19 How many Men has she slept with?
20 Whats Her Favorite color?
21 What is her favorite alcoholic drink?
22 What is her favorite non-alcoholic drink?
23 What Kind of cigarettes does she smoke?