Your Life as a Movie

Is your life a comedy, with new jokes around every turn? Or maybe an epic adventure like Lord of the Rings? Maybe your life is like Beauty and the Beast, an animated musical. Or are you someone who enjoys a thrill and lives in an action movie, like Spiderman? Find out now!

1 Which of these signs would you hang on your bedroom door?
2 If you could be a superstar athlete, which sport would you choose?
3 You get a paper cut at school - what do you do?
4 Which fictional character would you most like to eat lunch with?
5 There's a nasty insect in the shower. You...?
6 You and your date want to make a big impression at the dance. How do you arrive?
7 Surprise! Your parents redecorated your room. The worst color they could paint your walls would be...?