How well do you know me?

Lets see if you know me well.

1 What is the name i used when i went to Curtis?
2 About how many times did i pee on myself ?(not including when i was an infant)
3 Who do i admire most in 2ne1?
4 What type of sneakers do i wear almost all the time?
5 I get away with stealing things in front of cops by:
6 Did i ever piss on my moms lap?
7 What is the name i use for life?
8 Did i ever try to pee standing?
9 Did me and Jasmina go skinny dipping in a fountain when we were 11 and than get beat up by a girl?
10 What is my political belief?
11 What was the name of my FIRST hamster?
12 What was the name of my second hamster?
13 Who is my all time favorite H!P idol?
14 What language am i fluent in besides english?