How much good are you?

its a quiz which lets u know how good u r.

1 When you see an injured dog asking ur help,u-
2 when someone talks 2 u badly in the school,u-
3 ur mom is shouting @t u & she starts coughing,u-
4 u come 2 know dat ur enemy has slapped ur best frnd,u-
5 u & ur best frnd have 2 jump from a plane & only 1 parachute is left,u give it?
6 do u give ur mobile 2 ur sis/bro whenever required?
7 u,ur best frnd & ur bf's boyfriend/girlfrnd go for a movie but der's 1 ticket less.who 2 go for d movie?
8 u describe urself as-
9 ur frndzzz describe u as-