what will you do in this situation (MURDER!!!!)

what will you do if.......................thats the catch.

1 It's at night and you hear the gate rattle. You wake up and see a shadow walk past your window. You go to the backyard. The light's on and the door is wide open. You go to see your mum and dad or wife/husband but they're gone. What do you do?
2 It's midnight on a small track in the country and your car breaks down. You try to start it but your car does not work but you do see a slaughter-house on the hill. What do you do?
3 You are taking a shower and you hear foorsteps so you get out and check the house and you can't find your pet. What do you do?
4 You are taking your pet for a walk and see an injured stranger on the road. What do you do?
5 A friend has been stabbed by a psychopath and the killer is now after you. What do you do?
6 Do you think you would survive a murder situation?