What Geddes Courter Are You?!

Find out who in Geddes Court your most like!

1 Somebody comes to Geddes with some new drugs, What do you do?
2 Wednesday night rolls around, what do you do?
3 You have a 9am lecture- what do you do ?
4 Choice of beverage?
5 You look in yer wardrobe for wednesdays night out, what do you wear?
6 Theres a fight - what do you do?
7 Hows yer farm?
8 Do sheep have knees?
9 Whats your prefered age group?
10 Say you were building the world trade center in like the 1900's and someone takes a photo, what are you doing?
11 In case of fire alarm, what do you do?
12 In a photo, what is your prefered pose?
13 Oust?
14 For fun you..
15 What do you want to do after uni?