What Geddes Courter Are You?!
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What Geddes Courter Are You?!

Find out who in Geddes Court your most like!

1. Somebody comes to Geddes with some new drugs, What do you do?
2. Wednesday night rolls around, what do you do?
3. You have a 9am lecture- what do you do ?
4. Choice of beverage?
5. You look in yer wardrobe for wednesdays night out, what do you wear?
6. Theres a fight - what do you do?
7. Hows yer farm?
8. Do sheep have knees?
9. Whats your prefered age group?
10. Say you were building the world trade center in like the 1900's and someone takes a photo, what are you doing?
11. In case of fire alarm, what do you do?
12. In a photo, what is your prefered pose?
13. Oust?
14. For fun you..
15. What do you want to do after uni?