How well / much do you know me?

Quiz of random factoids about TINA. Take the quiz to test yourself or to try and get to know me better :-) .

1 What was the name of my VERY FIRST EVER dog?
2 What was the name of my FIRST EVER PONY?
3 What's the name of the town i CURRENTLY live in?
4 What is my hobby / favorite sport to participate in?
5 Where is the farthest i've traveled to for a competition?
6 What is the name of my very giggly blonde female friend?
7 Which combination of names are my partners in my sport?
8 CURRENTLY, who has my attentions?
9 What did Mouse used to love to eat for snacks / treats?
10 What kind of horse is Jeremiah?
11 Have I ever fallen off a horse
12 Whats my favorite COLOR?
13 What's the name of the Farm & Garden store I worked at?
14 What was my first vehicle?
15 Where am I going to college?
16 What is my MAJOR?
17 How many dogs do I currently have at my house?
18 What kind of horse is ZODIAC?
19 When is my Birthday?
20 Whats the name of my blonde haired MALE friend that goes to college with me?
21 What kind of person do you think I am?