Will Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend Cheat On You?
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Will Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend Cheat On You?

men and women both are famous for cheating, getting into action somewhere else. Now how well do you know your girl/guy. Do u think she/he will cheat on You. Take the quiz and find out.

1. Are you still the lurvyy durvvy girl/guy you used to be three months back?
2. Is she/he still keeping in touch with her/his Xs
3. Do you ignore her/him infront of your friends!!!
4. Is your realtionship filled with fun and laughter?
5. Who's the talker?
6. How often do you guys go at it
7. Do you know where is she right now?
8. Do you see her/him often?
9. When was your last contact?
10. Do you trust her/him