What Security Company you should get?

Need to know what Security Alarm Company is the best for you? Need a Alarm company you can depend on to call the police if needed?

1 What Home Alarm System is the BEST in the New Jersey and New York Tri-State Area?
2 What Home Alarm System is the ONLY alarm sytem that when a alarm siganl went through, the company's trained supervisors were there to help before the police arrived?
3 Who is the ONLY Alarm company gives out FREE Home Alarm Systems when a person joins?
4 What Security Company's guards dont sleep on the job?
5 What Secuirty Guard Company's supervisors go around to each site and check up on the guards to make sure they are there doing there job and not sleeping?
6 What Security company will give you 1 FREE day of Guards when joining for 2 years?
7 What Security Alarm Company is # 1 in New Jersey?