How much do you know about current music?

Answer questions about current chart music, guess the correct artist fill in lyrics and fill out info about the artist

1 What group is making it in the charts at the moment?
2 Which artist has made an album called ''catch 22''?
3 Who has released new songs called 'heartbreakers' and 'I already know'?
4 What Song lasted top of the charts for 12weeks in america?
5 What rapper is back in 2009 after a addiction to drugs?
6 Which female artist sings 'Tik Tok'
7 Who's album is named '3 words'?
8 Complete this lyric: ' They say 3 times a lady, i say 3 times your_____'
9 What song was the first chart topper of 2009?
10 Complete this lyric: 'I can't Eat I can't_____'