How much do you know about current music?
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How much do you know about current music?

Answer questions about current chart music, guess the correct artist fill in lyrics and fill out info about the artist

1. What group is making it in the charts at the moment?
2. Which artist has made an album called ''catch 22''?
3. Who has released new songs called 'heartbreakers' and 'I already know'?
4. What Song lasted top of the charts for 12weeks in america?
5. What rapper is back in 2009 after a addiction to drugs?
6. Which female artist sings 'Tik Tok'
7. Who's album is named '3 words'?
8. Complete this lyric: ' They say 3 times a lady, i say 3 times your_____'
9. What song was the first chart topper of 2009?
10. Complete this lyric: 'I can't Eat I can't_____'