do u know football

take a chance and try to get 100% in this quiz and see how much u know about football

1 wot club did cristiano ronaldo go to at the begging of the 2009 - 2010 league?
2 wot year did robin van persie move to arsenal?
3 who moved to man united in 2004 -05 season for £25.6 million?
4 which player has scored the most goals in football history when they was 13 in 1 match that had a 23-0 win?
5 wot team won the world cup 4 year ago?
6 who is the best player in the world that you wish it to be?
7 if you had one chance to be a footballer forever would you take the chance?
8 if you said yes to the other question wot team would you play for? but if u said no just put none?
9 would you be a maneger if you had the chance
10 wot club would you maneger
11 was this questionair .........?