How well do you know Morgan Lorenzi?!
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How well do you know Morgan Lorenzi?!

How well do you really know me?? =]

1. What are my BEST friends' middle names?
2. What is my favorite color and animal print?
3. What is my favorite cereal?
4. What clothing brand did I always wear in elementary school?
5. Which twilight book is my favorite?
6. What noise can I not stand?
7. What is my car's name?
8. Once asked in an interview, "if you were an animal what would you be?" I replied...
9. What am I really good at remembering?
10. What is the only bone I ever broke?
11. How do I like my eggs?
12. What kind of cigs do I smoke?
13. What do I love shopping for?
14. Who would I be the ultimate babysitter for?
15. What makes me cry?
16. What is my confirmation name?
17. If I could spend the day with someone who has passed away it would be...
18. My favorite Spice Girl is...
19. Which is the only juice I like?
20. What sport did I never play?
21. When I grow up and have a good job, I will...
22. What is my favorite Kennywood ride?
23. What is my biggest pet peeve?
24. If I were a power ranger I would be..
25. My biggest celeb crush is..