how well do you know Amanda Payne

questions about mandy

1 what is my middle name
2 what color are my eyes
3 what is my favorite alocholic drink
4 have many guys have i slept with
5 what is my favorite spot to take my vavcation
6 how many tattoos do i have
7 what is my favorite kind of movie
8 what was my favorite sport that i played in high school
9 what is my favorite pro football team
10 have many dogs do i have
11 how many brothers do i have
12 what kind of a car do i drive
13 how many kids do i want
14 who was my first love
15 what is my favorite non-alocholic drink
16 what is my dads name
17 what do i want to be when i grow up
18 what kind of dog is chance
19 what size shoe do i wear
20 what do i like to do on my days off
21 what is my favorite color
22 where do i wanna live after college
23 what is my favorite food
24 what was my fisrt job
25 if u over heard me talking bout my own body what would i b saying