How well do you know Jackie Cuneo?

The quiz is about how well you know me as a person...

1 What is my lucky/favorite number?
2 What is my favorite movie?
3 When I get married what do I want on my ring?
4 When is my birthday?
5 What is my favorite candy bar?
6 How many siblings do I have?
7 What is my favorite song?
8 What is my dogs name?
9 What is my favorite food?
10 What color are my eyes?
11 What(s) is my middle name?
12 What would I rather be doing?
13 What college do I want to attend?
14 What club am I in?
15 Do I like long walks on the beach?
16 What is my favorite kind of ice-cream?
17 What subject would i rather have?
18 Whats my favorite color?
19 What is my first name?