dose he or she love really loves you?
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dose he or she love really loves you?

Do he or she really loves you?

1. Wen your mad or sad do he or she
2. If you tell your parter that you are hungry at 4 am dose he or she
3. If you farted while you was havin sex your parter ....
4. If you were in the shower and your partner had to use the bathroom ...(#2) wat would they do?
5. wen your out and you see your partner with his or her ex do they
6. if you fell down in front of hs or her family do they
7. If you got into a fight with someone you were gettining beat up would your parner
8. If you and your partner were in a high speed chase wit the boys because your partner robbed a bank with out you knowing
9. do ur partner takes you around they mom