Are you bestie material?

If you're uncertain about your current status with your so called bestie then find out from my quiz you just might be surprised on what answer you will get. Cant wait till you check it out.

1 When you go to the movies you-
2 The guy you like asks your friend out you-
3 You like your gal-pals new boyfriend you-
4 You hate certain habits that your friend has so you-
5 You accidently told your gall pals secret to one of your other friends you-
6 Your bestie asks you if she looks fat in her form fitting dress you-
7 You hear from another friend that your gal pal is talking about you behind your back you-
8 Your bestie is dating your brother and you find out that she kissed another guy and she begs you not to tell you-
9 You find out that your best friend is pregnant and your the only one who knows she cheated on her boyfriend you-
10 You and your bestie get the answers to the history finals and she scores higer than you-