How well do you know your tractor pulling classes

Tractor pulling

1 What class is a maximum of 20,000 pounds
2 Class that runs any combo of motors,as many as you want and a weight of up to 8,000 pounds
3 Class that has maximum of 7,500 pounds and 6,000 to 11,000 hp
4 Class that is maximum weight 10,000 pounds and No engine larger than 680 cid (+ or - 1%)
5 Class that up to 2,000 hp, Diesel or Alcohol powered, and up to 4 turbos at 250 psi boost
6 Class that is complete at 9,300 pounds
7 Class that is 2,000 pounds maximum and single motor
8 Class that has maximum 575 cubic inches, turbos or superchargers allowed, and maximum 6,200 pounds
9 class that is maximum 650 cubic inches, and single naturally aspirated automotive type engine
10 class that has stock crankshaft, transmission housing and final drive,and fuel is diesel only