How Well Do You Know Madison?

Test yo skills suckas.

1 What is my middle name?
2 What is my dog's name?
3 What bra size do I wear?
4 What holiday did I drink too much tequila and may have vomited on a cat?
5 How many long-term, serious relationships have you been in?
6 What is my favorite color?
7 I will literally do this hobby without food and water until I pass out...
8 Who is my female crush?
9 What object did I infamously pee in/on?
10 My last night in San Diego THIS happened..
11 What am I majoring in?
12 I have a bag of what kind of pictures cut out?
13 In 5th grade, what happened to Joe McGinis that I always bring up at parties?
14 What part of my body is weirder then the rest?
15 What do I refer to myself in third person?
16 This person advised you to get breast implants...
17 When confronted by a girl who's bigger then me and wants to fight, I'll most likely..
18 In your opinion, I am most likely...
19 Language I'm fluent in?
20 One word to describe me...