Do you know Dick?
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Do you know Dick?

The penis has been a symbol of virility and fertility throughout human history. Yet, to this day, it remains a mystery to most--and especially to those who are attached to one. Let's find out if you really do know dick!

1. The largest penis in the modern world belongs to the:
2. True or False: The human penis is missing the Erectile Bone common to most mamals?
3. True or False: A smaller human penis will usually grow up to 100% when erect
4. What is the average length of an erect penis?
5. A Circumcised penis is easier to take care of than a Non-circumcised penis
6. What is the Tip of the penis called?
7. Does size really matter?
8. True or False: Frequent masturbation can be attributed to any number of physical, mental and spiritual problems
9. What is the primary purpose of the Scrotum (i.e. Nutsack)?
10. What causes erections?
11. If I have questions about my penis, or my partner's penis, I should: