How well do you know Katie Karam?
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How well do you know Katie Karam?

How well do you know me?!

1. What was my hobby for 11 years?
2. How long have my husband and I been together?
3. Why did I name my cat Zoey?
4. How many siblings do I have?
5. How many siblings are 100% biological?
6. How many siblings did I not grow up with?
7. What is my favorite 2 colors?
8. How long have I been serious about gaming?
9. WTF Am I?!?!
10. My eyes change color when i cry, from what color to what color?
11. I am the godmother to who?
12. How old was I when I got bit in the face by a dog?
13. When did I have reconstructive surgery?
14. What's the #1 thing I want most in the whole world?!