How GAY are you?

Find out how GAY you really are, so you can stop pretending you are not a homo.

1 What do you think of the new Michael Jackson movie?
2 You are hammering a nail and hit your finger with the hammer, what do you do?
3 You are watching a Clint Eastwood western and you are thinking:
4 You are at the gym doing cardio next to a guy who really stinks bad, what do you do?
5 You are at the gym and you ask a guy if you can work in on the same machine and he says NO.
6 You see your wife or GF flirting with her boss at the Christmas party, so
7 You can see any live concert double-bill in the universe, you choose:
8 The MASH TV series is on TVLand and Hallmark Channel 24/7, do you watch it?
9 When you were a little boy
10 You see Ice Skating on your TV, what do you do?
11 You want to teach your son one of the following: