How GAY are you?
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How GAY are you?

Find out how GAY you really are, so you can stop pretending you are not a homo.

1. What do you think of the new Michael Jackson movie?
2. You are hammering a nail and hit your finger with the hammer, what do you do?
3. You are watching a Clint Eastwood western and you are thinking:
4. You are at the gym doing cardio next to a guy who really stinks bad, what do you do?
5. You are at the gym and you ask a guy if you can work in on the same machine and he says NO.
6. You see your wife or GF flirting with her boss at the Christmas party, so
7. You can see any live concert double-bill in the universe, you choose:
8. The MASH TV series is on TVLand and Hallmark Channel 24/7, do you watch it?
9. When you were a little boy
10. You see Ice Skating on your TV, what do you do?
11. You want to teach your son one of the following: