Who aer you from The Hunger Games are you?

You might not understand if you haven't read the books. :)

1 Someone you love has been called as a tribute to the Hunger Games, how do you react?
2 Cienna wants to set you on fire for the opening ceremony. How do you react?
3 It's the Game Makers chance to rate you, so you...
4 It's the interviews with Ceaser Flickerman, what do you play on?
5 You're in the hovercraft on the way to the Games, what are you thinking about?
6 You are lifted into the stadium. What do you think about the surroundings?
7 The horn sounds and the games begin. You...
8 Where do you go?
9 Who would you want as your ally?
10 It has been announced that TWO can win the games, if they are from the same district. You...
11 There are wolves attacking you and your District partner is injured. What do you do?
12 What do you eat in the arena?
13 Who do you admire most from The Hunger Games
14 How do you react when you win the games?