Downhill MTB Racing IQ Quiz

Think you know downhill racing? Test your knowledge with this quiz.

1 Who is the title sponsor of the 2009 UCI World Cups?
2 Who is the 2009 men's DH World Champion?
3 "LOOK AT THE TIME!" is a Freecaster quote by whom?
4 Which two 2009 World Cup races are the longest?
5 What do Brendan Fairclough, Cyrille Kurtz, Greg Minnaar and Matti Lehikoinen have in common?
6 How many points do you get for winning a World Cup qualifier AND final?
7 Pick your favourite rider
8 Nicolas Vouilloz won how many World Championship titles (Junior and Senior)?
9 Greg Minnaar lost by how many seconds to Steve Peat at Canberra World Champs?
10 The Session 88 is a bike by which company?
11 Which tire company makes the Wetscream?
12 Blackbox is the name given to what company's prototype products?
13 Who HASN'T won a World Cup out of these riders?
14 Which of these riders was NOT a junior World Champ?
15 Sam Hill currently rides for which race team?
16 At which event did Gee, Dan and Rachel Atherton all get 1st place?