Downhill MTB Racing IQ Quiz
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Downhill MTB Racing IQ Quiz

Think you know downhill racing? Test your knowledge with this quiz.

1. Who is the title sponsor of the 2009 UCI World Cups?
2. Who is the 2009 men's DH World Champion?
3. "LOOK AT THE TIME!" is a Freecaster quote by whom?
4. Which two 2009 World Cup races are the longest?
5. What do Brendan Fairclough, Cyrille Kurtz, Greg Minnaar and Matti Lehikoinen have in common?
6. How many points do you get for winning a World Cup qualifier AND final?
7. Pick your favourite rider
8. Nicolas Vouilloz won how many World Championship titles (Junior and Senior)?
9. Greg Minnaar lost by how many seconds to Steve Peat at Canberra World Champs?
10. The Session 88 is a bike by which company?
11. Which tire company makes the Wetscream?
12. Blackbox is the name given to what company's prototype products?
13. Who HASN'T won a World Cup out of these riders?
14. Which of these riders was NOT a junior World Champ?
15. Sam Hill currently rides for which race team?
16. At which event did Gee, Dan and Rachel Atherton all get 1st place?