How well do you know Taylor Swift's?
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How well do you know Taylor Swift's?

think you know taylor swift songd huh, tke this test to find out!!!!!!!!!

1. What song/songs were in the top ten?
2. What is the song 'white horse' about?
3. Which song is part of the 'Hannah Montana, The Movie' soundtrack?
4. What happened to taylorat the MTV awards?
5. 'There's no time for tears, just sitting here planning my revenge' what dong??
6. what was tatlor swifts first single released?
7. Quick pick one!
8. 'I've heard every album listen to the radio waiting for something to come along' what dong is it?
9. Did taylor swift go out with joes jonas?
10. how did joes break up with taylor?
11. true or false: 'love you so much' is a taylor swift song
12. True or false: 'you belong with me' was a hit in 2009
13. True or false: taylor swift has written a book
14. True or False: taylor swift lives in canada
15. True or false: taylor swift chews' 5 gum'