Could you a save someone's life?

Could you help to save the life of a friend, a family member, a stranger or even your own? Take this test, answer only with what you would be able to do and see if you could save a life...

1 What does D. R. A. B. C. stand for?
2 A car crash victim is complaining of a sore neck and tingling feet. What would do you do?
3 When doing CPR with 2 people, what is the ratio of breathes : compressions
4 You find someone face down in a river. What is the first action you would take?
5 You come across someone having a seizure. After calling an ambulance, whats the FIRST thing you would do?
6 You are bitten by a snake on the ankle, your not sure if its venomous. what do you do FIRST?
7 Your friend falls out of a tree and a branch goes through the palm of their hand. You?