How well do you know Australia?

Are you a tourist or a true blue Aussie? take the test and find out....

1 What is the capital of Australia?
2 How many states in Australia?
3 What were Ned Kellys' last words
4 What are budgie smugglers?
5 If i wanted Four'n'Twenty's. what am i talking about?
6 if i was "hittin the frog and toad" what would i be doing?
7 which is not native to Australia?
8 What is a "Flamin' Gallah"?
9 where did the "jolly swagman" sleep?
10 What does G'Day mean?
11 When is Australia Day?
12 Does Australia have the old rainforest in the world?
13 How many stars are on the Australian Flag?
14 What" Big" Thing is not found in Australia?
15 Which is not a famous Aussie?
16 Where is the "Race that stops a Nation" run?
17 What animal is not found on King Island?
18 In what state will you find Southern Cross Station, The Otways and 90 mile beach?
19 Where would you go to see Uluru and Kakadu?
20 What animal has the most deadly venom in Australia?