Which instrument best fits your personality?

Which instrument are you?

1 You walk into the band room. First thing you do?
2 The band director has made a spelling mistake on the memo. What do you do?
3 You hear someone talking about someone in your section. What do you do?
4 It's time for after school rehearsal! How do you feel?
5 Drums are playing a cadence; how will you dance?
6 You see someone on the wrong foot! What do you do?
7 It's break time! What are you going to eat?
8 You're having a sectional after school. What do you spend the most time on?
9 It starts to rain during practice. How do you react?
10 The band room smells funny. Who do you blame it on?
11 It's the pep rally and they don't announce the band! How do you react?
12 It's the final performance of the year. How do you feel?
13 Someone in your section gets the solo in a song that you really wanted. What do you do?