Is your Boyfriend or Ex a Creeper?

Take this quiz to know if your boyfriend is a creeper and is lieing to you.

1 when you ask your bf an important question what will ussually be his outcome?
2 Did you break up with him to find out he had his ex over or ever find out that he had his ex over night while still dating you?
3 How does he handle another girl flirting with him?
4 Has he ever told you that you spend too much time together when really you only see each other 2 a week?
5 How many "thats what she said" jokes does he use?
6 When you two hug does he pat you on the back instead of rub in circles?
7 Has he ever invited another girl to a concert or party while you were dating him?
8 Does he tell you that he loves you with all of his heart or from the bottom of his heart?