What are you to the world?

Ever wondered what your place in the world is? Who you are to people? What you might become or what you are? This quiz will help you figure it out, but this doesn't shape who you are. It also gives a bit of advice if needed. If you know that the outcome is wrong, then don't believe it? After all, it's just a facebook quiz made up by some kid? Though this quiz will be a bit more accurate then most of the quizzes you see made here.

1 What would you consider yourself in school?
2 Do you do the work you need to get done?
3 You are offered drugs by your friends, what do you say?
4 You and your special someone just broke up, what now?
5 You see someone asking for money on the street, what do you do?
6 What is your opinion on the economy?
7 Do you like kids?
8 Your best friend is going out with your ex, do you get jealous?
9 You just lost the game, what do you do?