How Well Do You Know The Game Of Hockey?
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How Well Do You Know The Game Of Hockey?

I will test ur skilz at how well do u know hockey

1. Lets Start out easy... which one is a name of a penalty?
2. If a player grabs a puck with his hand and slides it out of his own zone, is that legal?
3. If Team 1's player stands in the opposing teams crease while his teammate scores, is that a goal?
4. What was Wayne Greztky's nickname while he played?
5. Who was the MVP in the season of 2009?
6. What was considered Gretzky's most important goal?
7. What happens if you fight in a hockey game?
8. What is offsides?
9. When is the goalie aloud to leave his crease in shootout?
10. Free Ten Points... What is the goalie's purpose? ( you should be ashamed if you miss this)