How Well Do You Know The Game Of Hockey?

I will test ur skilz at how well do u know hockey

1 Lets Start out easy... which one is a name of a penalty?
2 If a player grabs a puck with his hand and slides it out of his own zone, is that legal?
3 If Team 1's player stands in the opposing teams crease while his teammate scores, is that a goal?
4 What was Wayne Greztky's nickname while he played?
5 Who was the MVP in the season of 2009?
6 What was considered Gretzky's most important goal?
7 What happens if you fight in a hockey game?
8 What is offsides?
9 When is the goalie aloud to leave his crease in shootout?
10 Free Ten Points... What is the goalie's purpose? ( you should be ashamed if you miss this)