How well do you know Call of Duty 6?

If you have this game then you god dang better know the answers!

1 In the last level of the campaign who are you trying to catch and with what?
2 What kind of a bomb explodes and what was it shot/dropped from?
3 What sniper rifle do you use in the level with Price in the snowy area?
4 Which of these guns are in the right catogory?
5 How high must your killstreak be on Multiplayer to get an AC-130 gunship or chopper-gunner?
6 How high must your killstreak be to get a tactical nuke?
7 On a scale from 1 to 10 how awesome am i?
8 Does the militia go into washington D.C. and destroy everything?
9 What is the main characters names? (the people you play as)
10 What is the highest level you can get in multiplayer?
11 What is America's main assault rifle?