Are you really a COD4 pro?

Think your good at cod4? Think gamebattles is ur playground? If you want to find out if your pro or not, please take this quiz.

1 So, you decied to play some free for all. You want to dominate, what gun do you use. The map is Backlot.
2 You and some friends are messing around on shipment! what do u do?
3 You are playing search and destroy and your attacking on backlot, whats your game plan?
4 What is more noob?
5 If you could pick one prefire that you would do what wuld it be?
6 When going around a corner where you know there will be enemies what do u do?
7 You have a gamebattles match. Its team deathmatch on pipeline You have attacking side. You playing a team thats 20-5. Its 3v3. Hardcore, air support off clays only. Gameplan?
8 Whats a pro class for hardcore on Crash?
9 Whats a pro class for Regular on Overgrown?
10 Whats your ideal gamertag?
11 If you die in Reg seach what do u do?
12 Whos FeaR Moho?
13 How many Grenade spots (that work) are there on vacant search and destroy defending side?
14 When youg et on Xbox live cod 4 for your first game what do u do?