how well do u know Heather Sutton?

u think u kno me? well...ur about to find out. :) good luck!!!

1 What is my middle name?
2 Do i like sushi?
3 do i own a cell phone?
4 what kind of cell phone do i own...if i own one...
5 if i own a cellular phone what do i do on it mostly?
6 what is the nickname that my best friends from Foothill Intermediate gave me?
7 what color combo did i always want my hair to be?
8 what is my fave food?
9 what word makes me laugh?
10 who is my fave band?
11 do i use incorrect grammer to make up words
12 what are my fave clothing items?
13 who was my VERY first (not counting before 6th grade) boyfriend
14 am i normally considered a spazz?
15 am i team jacob or team edward?
16 am i awesome?