How likely are you to die by rough sex?

Studies at the University of Barcelona show that rough sex could result in death. We have taken their survey, and we're surprised with the results, so now we're sampling some of those questions for the audience of Facebook and those who participate in rough sex. It's short! Don't worry!

1 How often do you and your partner engage in sexual intercourse during the week?
2 Who gives it harder?
3 You're a minute away from hitting climax and having a wonderful sensation. But oh shit, you just heard your parents walk in downstairs. What do you do?
4 You write "Fuck Me" on the back of a paper and proceed to stick it onto somebodys back, but you realize you're out of tape, what do you do?
5 Donkey Punch. Ever performed it or had it performed on you?
6 Final Question. We're going to ask you something completely random. If you were crossing a wooden bridge, and you fell through, what does that mean?