How well do you know KH's Organization XIII?

this will tell you how well you truly know Organization XIII, aaaaaaand how much of a geek you are.

1 here is a easy one.. What is the name of Organization XIII's leader?
2 ok, now what color cloaks do they wear?
3 What is the Organization's goal?
4 now it gets interesting.. Who is Second in Command within the Organization?
5 How did the members attain their new names?
6 Who is the fourteenth member?
7 how many members are men?
8 heres the hard ones... Who is No. VIII (8)?
9 which member uses a scythe as their weapon of chioce?
10 who is called the "Savage Nymph"?
11 Who is no. IV (4)?
12 Who is called the "Graceful Assassin"?
13 Axel is ...
14 Xtremely hard: What are Axel, Xemnas, and Roxas' real names?
15 oh and What is Demyx's weapon?