How well do you know Justin Bieber?

about justin bieber

1 where was Justin Bieber born?
2 What is justins moms name?
3 what is justins dads name?
4 what is tha name of justins album?
5 who is justins fav. singer?
6 who is justins best friend?
7 What is justin's # 1 song?
8 What is Justin Biebers Birthday?
9 how old is Justin?
10 what is Justins middle name?
11 who made justin famous?
12 How many sibilings does justin have
13 do you like this quiz
14 Is Justin Hott?
15 does justin have a dog?
16 What is justins #?
17 are you having fun?
18 Does justin like horses?
19 are you obssesed with justin?
20 Did justin ask out Riahanna?
21 how did you do?