How much do u know about sports?

This quiz is about people and how much they know about sports. If you're not the sporty kind of person don't take it. The sports that will be mentioned are hockey, football, baseball, soccer, basketball, golf, tennis, an many more.

1 1.Which NHL team has the Stanley Cups?
2 2.What is Tiger Woods real name?
3 3.The New York Yankees had Two players win the Gold Glove Award in the 2009 season. Who were they?
4 4.Michael Vick was signed by which NFl team just before the 09/10 season started?
5 5.Which European soccer team won the 2006 world cup?
6 6.How many Grand Slams has Roger Federer won?
7 7.Which NBA player went on tour during the summer to promote his new shoe?
8 8.Who was the 1st overall draft pick in the 2009 NHL Draft?
9 9.Is Pro Golfer Stephen Ames Really from Canada? If he isn't tell me the country where he's from.
10 10.What is the home park of the Boston Red Sox?
11 11.Who won Super Bowl 43?
12 12.The Portugal native Cristiano Ronaldo played for what English soccer team?
13 13.What is Serena Williams sister's name
14 14.How many NBA teams did Michael Jordan play for?