How good are your communication skills?

This is a quiz about communication skills. Are you a "Communication Warrior", at the "Rock Bottom" of communication or somewhere in between? Take this quiz and find out!

1 Rhonda asks Ralph what he is thinking and Ralph says "Nothing". Which answer is most likely true?
2 Ricky was out late at a party with his friends and came home to his girlfriend, Becca who was not talking to him. Why isn't Becca talking to Ricky.
3 Brittany and Lee are engaged and they go to their 10 year high school reunion where Lee gives his high school girlfriend, Jessica, a hug and a kiss on the cheek. What should Brittany do?
4 It is Jan's bachelorette party and Sue kept interrupting conversations to tell them about her new dog, Fluffy. What should Sue do differently if she wants to be invited to another bachelorette party?
5 Jerry and Tina ask Jerry's mom, Janet, to come and stay with them for a week. Janet kicks Tina out of her own kitchen and rearranges everything. Tina talks to Jerry about her frustrations with Janet. Jerry is elected to talk to his mom about her behavior. What does he say?
6 Your boss is explaining the new project you are to be in charge of and your mind starts to wander. You do not get all the details about the project and now you do not know what to do to begin. What should you do?
7 Max is buying new jeans for work and asks Melissa's opinion of them. Melissa feels the jeans do not look good on him. How should Melissa answer?
8 John goes over to his best friend's, Derrick's, house to hang out. When he gets there he sees Derrick has been crying. Which answer is best?
9 Mike has the worst day ever! Mike's best friend, Jeff, took credit for Mike's work and the boss gave Jeff a promotion. Mike goes out with his girlfriend, Cheryl, who asks him how his day was. Which response is the best?
10 You're 2 teenage children, Lori and Daniel. usually get along pretty good. Today they have been fighting and it is starting to get emotionally uncomfortable for everyone involved, including you. What do you do?