Truck/Tractor Pulling Quiz

This 15 question quiz will test your knowledge of Pulling Facts

1 In NTPA,How many hooks in a class does it take to go to the 320 rule?
2 The National Farm Machinery Show is in what month?
3 What DSS Puller has the nickname "King of Smoke"?
4 What's the Wildest Ride in Tractor Pulling?
5 Before Urbana,Ohio,where was the Enderle Pull-Off held?
6 What's the longest running Sanctioning Body?
7 What event is NOT part of the Pennzoil Cup?
8 Fill in the Blank... _________ Dairyland Super Nationals
9 Jessie Petro's "Buckeye Hauler" was the 2009 GN TWD Champion
10 Who won the NTPA Championship in 2005,2006,2007,2008,and 2009 in their class?
11 There was how many Super Farms this year at BG?!?!
12 Petro's got 1,2,3 in the Pennzoil Cup this Year
13 Most GN wins in a row?
14 What has been the Dominant "Color" in the Light Super Stock Class?
15 NTPA stands for?