How well do you KNOW the Harry Potter Books

Have you read the books? Did you pay attention to the minor details? This maybe the most difficult and Challenging harry potter quiz you will ever take. If you pass without the help of the books than you are definitely just as smart Hermione Granger and as big of nerd as her too.

1 When Harry, Ron, and Hermione get there O.W.L results Hermione got Outstanding in 10 out of 11 of her classes, What Class did she not get an Outstanding in? and What was it instead?
2 When Professor Umbridge gets in a fight with Magorian and the other centaurs she uses what spell on Mogorian?
3 In the Boggart lesson of Defense Against the Dark Arts, what was Parvati's fear that she had to face?
4 Who is the Author of The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1)?
5 On Gilderoy Lockhart's quiz on the first day what was his favorite color?
6 What was Viktor Krum's wand made of and how long was it?
7 What Spell did Herminoe try to use to save her and Harry from the snake?
8 What was the spell Crabbe used that ending up killing him?
9 How many points behind Slytherin was Gryffindor to win the house cup?
10 What spell did Hermione use on Ron to relieve anger she had towards him?
11 Professor Quirrell was gonna pick up a book in diagon alley what was it on?
12 Everyone knows Harry got the Hungarian Horntail but what dragon did the others get?
13 What was the name of the book in which Hermione found the polyjuice potion?
14 What Charm was Terry Boot suprised Hermione could do?