How much do you know about Tamara Roberts???
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How much do you know about Tamara Roberts???

Think you know everything about me??? take this quiz and see how much u really know!!!

1. what is my faveourtie sport??? (we'll start off easy)
2. Which team do i support? (if you know my faveourite sport this should be a sinch)
3. Who is my faveourite band??? (a little harder! lol)
4. Ok, If I was at a party what would i be doing??? (getting a little harder now!!!)
5. What is my faveourite colour?
6. can I drive a car???
7. Who would i love to have sex with???
8. what is my favourite subject at school???
9. What do i want to be when I leave school??? (the hardest of em all!)
10. What is my favourite overseas accent?
11. which do i like, dogs or cats
12. if i could be any simpsons character, who would i be???